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Autiopaikoilla, “Deserted Places”, is an exhibition by Kimmo Hokkanen, that was born while Kimmo was taking the pictures for Johanna Vehkoo´s nonfiction book by the same name.

In the pictures you move both in an abandoned mining town of Kainuu, a Soviet ghost town in Svalbard, as well as a test laboratory in post industrial Detroit.

Many of the pictures tell a story of a post industrial time – a tremendous structural change that affects a big part of the world´s population. Hokkanen and Vehkoo travelled to abandoned placed, ghost towns, places in between and to no-mans-lands in order to really figure out why these places that used to flourish and be important to so many people, are now completely empty.

The book Autiopaikoilla, “Deserted Places”, will be sold at a reduced price in the opening party, and it can be bought from the exhibition during three weeks.

Link to the book on the publisher´s page:

Exhibition open at the ARTag Gallery Studio from October 14th till November 6th.Wed-Fri 12h00-18h00, Sat-Sun 12h00-16h00.

Welcome to the opening party on Friday, October 14th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.!