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News in December, 2017



Markus Jäntti (b. 1994) is studying for his fourth year in Berlin, at the Universität der Künste. His previous private exhibition, IMMJ – It’s the Most Marvellous Joy, was seen at Copenhagen’s VAERKstedet gallery earlier this year. Before his art studies Jäntti has worked and held joint exhibitions with Outi Heiskanen. This coming spring he will be studying in New York.

The exhibition will be open at ARTag Gallery Studio from January 5th till February 2nd, 2018. Welcome to the opening party on Thursday, 4th of January at 5 p.m. At the same time, on the other side of the gallery, there will be the opening of Hanna Saarikoski’s exhibition.



Hanna Saarikoski (b. 1978) has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, and she works with both paintings and video art. Her watercolour paintings are lucid, and often they represent people on a personal level, through memories and the subconsciousness. The atmosphere in the paintings is gentle, although the viewer has the opportunity to see the theme exposed in a way that is both bald and honest.

The exposition will be open from January 5th till February 4th, 2018. Welcome to the opening party on Thursday, 4th of January from 5 to 7 p.m.!



On December 7th at ARTag Gallery Studio we will be opening an exhibition about the violent beginnings of Finland´s independence.

Ismo Kajanderi´s work, The Wedding March, is composed of his mother´s old watercolour painting, a text that is the artist´s personal manifesto, and an ensemble of sculptures.

Ismo Kajander (b. 1939) is an artist, a photographer, a writer and a teacher, whose career has lasted for over seven decades. There was a large retrospective on him in Kiasma in 2015.

  • Making art has meant to me almost sixty years of constant celebration. Sometimes I have persuaded my art to deal even with sociological themes. Therefore, no wonder if the centenary brought to life an artwork, a Finland 100 celebratory piece, that certainly doesn’t form part of the official program. An artwork that was inspired by a young girls´s, my mother´s, memory right from the first moments of our independence, says Kajander.

His mother’s childhood home was at Marjasmäki of Lempäälä’s Kuivaspää, where in the spring of 1918 his mother had to witness an event where the villagers brought out a few “desants” that had been kept in the neighbour’s barn, and executed them. Later, in the 1980’s, his mother painted about this incident a watercolour painting, that will now be seen as part of this exhibition.

Exhibition open at ARTag Gallery Studio from the 7th till the 17th of December.