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News in May, 2019



Totemic17 is a collaborative project by artists operating in New York, and it focuses on woodcuts.

Many artists from the United States and all over the world have participated in this collaboration of Totemic. Totemic17 has been founded by Jeff White who himself is an artist and woodcutter. He also works at MoMa. A year ago in spring, he visited the artist and woodcutter, Tuukka Peltonen, at Virrat in Finland. The idea of the collective’s exhibition in Finland was born then. Alongside The Happiness Index exhibition, we will be seeing a separate ensemble of artworks by Tuukka Peltonen.

The following Finnish and American artists participate in the exhibition:

Robert Patierno, Pennsylvania
Tuukka Peltonen, Virrat
Eija Piironen, Lahti
Russ Spitkovsky, New York
Beth Sutherland, New York
Jettison White, New York
Meghan Brady, Maine
Christopher Coltzau, Wahlstedt
Enrique Figueredo, New York
Karen Kunc, Nebraska
Karen Lederer, New York
Noora Nio-Juss, Helsinki

The Happiness Index will be open from May 24th till the 16th of June. Welcome to the opening party on Thursday, 23rd of May from 5 to 7 pm!