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Please, don’t put your life in the hands of a rock’n’roll band


Exhibition and an Audio-documentary about Oasis.

The definition of a fan often falls into two stereotypes: the excessively obsessed individual or a hysterical group. Please, don’t put your life in the hands of a Rock’n’Roll band –exhibition gives a more versatile vision of the intense devotees.

For the first time ever, the exhibition puts together the art and memorabilia of Liam and Patsy Recreation club which is the one and only Oasis-society in Finland. The audience will be moved by art posters, a video of an exceptional dance act “Life forever” by Juhani Harsia, both hononary and dishononary diplomas handed out by the club, club membership cards, the club’s program scripts, Oasis – board-game and scrap-books made by the club members. In addition, a unique artwork called “Noel and Noel” (made in 2000) by Jukka Tilsa will be displayed publicly for the first time.

Please, don’t put your life in the hands of a Rock’n’Roll band – exhibition shows private memorabilia from the fans: recordings, posters and fan articles acquired from Oasis – tours or elsewhere. The curators of the exhibition, Satu Kurvinen and Pertti Ylikojola, are amazed by the enthusiam of the small but active members of the Finnish Oasis-club. “The club members have participated almost every major turn tour of Oasis all over the world”.

A premier of an audio document ”Wonderwall – loving the Oasis” will take place at on the opening night of the exhibition. The document reveals how different and deep feelings being a fan can bring into one’s life. Director of the document, Riikka Rahi from Yle documentaries, has never understood the idea of worshiping someone so thoroughly as true fans do. “During the process of making this documentary I finally realized how meaningful this all can be. To some, being a fan is just pure entertainment, to some it will be the force that carries them over hard times and to some, it’s a way to being a part of something bigger and finding likeminded friends”.

Oasis has sold 75 million albums worldwide. The most famous songs by Oasis are ”Live Forever”, ”Supersonic”, ”Wonderwall”, ”Don’t Look Back in Anger”, ”Champagne Supernova”, ”Stand by Me”, ”Don’t Go Away” ja and ”Stop Crying Your Heart Out”. Even though the group has broken up, Oasis still has a very strong and large group of fans worldwide. Thankfully both Liam and Noel Gallagher are still actively continuing their musical career by themselves.

All just for the fun of being an Oasis-fan!

Please, don’t put your life in the hands of a Rock’n’Roll band –Exhibition and Audio-documentary

EXHIBITION 4.10 – 7.10.2018
ARTag Gallery Oy
Hietalahdenkatu 10

Opening ceremonies Thursday 4.10 between 17 – 19 o´clock
Friday 5.10 between 12 – 18 o´clock
Saturday 6.10 between 12-16 o´clock
and Sunday 7.10 between 12-16 o´clock

Free Entrance – Welcome!